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            I scurried
down the hall. Girls stopped and stared and some giggled. Boys whispered and
pointed. I just wanted to get to class and get away from all the people. The
whispers were getting a bit too much for me so I ducked into the nearest room
and shut the door. At first it didn't seem like anyone was there but there were
tables set up, what looked like it was suppose to be a tropical scene. A boy
with blonde hair popped his head out of one of the small rooms that branched
off of this bigger room, "Oh no, a lovely lady has been left without a
gentleman to keep her safe!" he said and ran over to me, taking my hand and
kissing it. I jerked her head back and backed up.

you scared the poor girl." Another boy walked out of the back room. This one
had black hair, small ovular glasses, and a book on one hand which seemed to
hold his attention.

Be nice." A small blonde boy came running out with a
big pink bunny rabbit in one hand followed by a tall boy with short cropped black
hair and a lax look on his face. The younger looking boy ran over to me and
smiled up at me with his big brown eyes glimmering with happiness, "I'm Mitzkuni
Hanninozuka." He smiled, "But you can call me Hunny-Sempi." He said with the
most adorable smile I'd ever seen.

            I smiled at
the young boy, "Im Kira, Kira Shion." I said.

            The boy
leaned closer and tugged at a chunk of my hair, "Whoa, that's really cool!" he
smiled, "Normally they don't let people with dyed hair into the school." He

I smiled, "My mother is good friends
with the Headmaster." I admitted.

"Where did you get the idea?" he

"America." I said, "My mother and I
just moved back and people over there have all kinds of strange hairstyles. My
hair was already black so I wanted a bit of color." I said. A little color was
understating it a bit. The underside of my waist length hair was white with all
the colors of the rainbow thrown in there in little thin stripes and the tips
were dyed blood red.

Hunny-sempi grabbed my hand with a
smile and pointed to all the people who seemed to have materialized from out of
no where, "That's Takashi." He said pointing to the tall boy that had followed
him out, "There's Kyoya," he pointed to the boy with his nose in the book and
glasses, "You've already met Tamaki." He said making a face at the blonde boy,
"Those two are the Hitachii twins, Hikaru and Karou." He said pointing to two
identical boys, "And.." he looked around like he was
looking for someone, "Where's Haru-chan?" he asked. The rest of them seemed to
notice that there was someone missing.

            "She was in
class today." One of the Hitachii twins said, though I couldn't tell which one because
they looked exactly alike. Suddenly another boy burst through the door
breathing heavily.

            "Sorry I'm
late guyes, I had to stay after class and take a test I missed." He said.

            "Haru-Chan!" Hunny-sempi shouted and ran over to the boy,
giving him a hug.

Hunny-Sempi." He said hugging him back. There was something off about this one.
His face was a bit too heart shaped, his voice a bit to high and even his
expressions were a bit..feminine. He looked up at me
and a spark of recognization flashed between us. I walked over and circled him
once. Nah, it couldn't be. I thought when I made it back to his face I leaned
closer and searched his light brown eyes, "Umm can I help you miss?" he asked
sounding nervously.

            I was
almost sure of it by now. I leaned back from his face and snapped my fingers, "You're
a girl." I said with a smile.


Got bored XD so here is my fanficton about my character...picture of Kira will be comming soom hopefully.

I dont own OHSHC but i do own Kira Shion
kanamelovervamp101 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i like your story and your picture
love2deth Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
kanamelovervamp101 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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